How will You, as news publisher, benefit?

  • News organizations are increasingly looking to subscription and membership or other forms of reader contribution to pay the bills in a so-called ‘pivot to paid’.
  • Even in countries with higher levels of payment, the vast majority [of people] only have ONE online subscription – suggesting that ‘winner takes all dynamics’ are likely to be important.
  • One encouraging development though is that most payments are now ‘ongoing’, rather than one-offs. Most people are not prepared to pay for online news today and on current trends look unlikely to pay in the future, at least for the kind of news they currently access for free.

We believe we can provide to readers solution, which will satisfy them!

We would like to provide users with new option - access to paywalled news sources, using "pay-per-view" model, with user paying one fixed subscription. Once news app will identify user, and provide us with the data of the user and visited page/pages, we will gather this information and provide payment once per month to publisher, based on number of views and rate per view.
We believe, this model, can provide new income source, similarly to what Spotify has done for music industry.
If You interested, or have additional question or comments to this model, please feel free to reach out directly to me: